Financial Services Branding & Marketing: Best Content of Q1

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles, reports and webinars related to financial services branding and marketing published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

FS-Q1-2013Yes – Your Brand Does Matter – As Does Your Webite
This post from the Forbes’s Advisor Network keeps it short and sweet, but makes a very important point: a recognizable brand can go a long way in establishing credibility in a post-financial crisis world. Whether a firm activates its brand through website, collateral system, advertising campaign, social media or events, consistency in messaging is critical to building awareness.

How Do Investors Consume Content?
In February, PRNewswire released the findings from a study that explores how investors consume investor relations content provided by public companies. The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study is an ongoing survey targeted to institutional investors, individual investors and the financial media. Overall, the study found that while content drives investor behavior, investor relations websites are underutilized by investors. While print is “not dead yet,” there is a huge opportunity for public companies to create more meaningful digital experiences for investors through user-friendly, content-driven investors websites. Read the executive summary of the report here.

Outlook on the Financial Services Industry in 2013
Every year, all the major accounting and management consulting firms leverage their breadth of resources and collective brainpower to identify key trends for the financial services industry in the coming year. Booz & Company put together a quick and dirty breakdown of important issues facing various sectors within the finance.

  • Capital Markets: “Investment banks and financial-services firms are reorganizing to meet the challenges they face: cost pressures, electronic trading, demand for complex analytics, and a fundamental shift in the European debt market.”
  • Retail Banking: “With lower interest rates, greater capital requirements, and more competition for customers, winning banks must treat every dollar as precious and focus on improving performance.”
  • Wealth & Asset Management: “Digitization and new technologies are changing the relationship between clients and advisors, but firms will adapt—starting with their pricing strategies.”

Advisory Technology: What’s Next?
The annual report from InvestmentNews finds that, not surprisingly, technology has become a living, breathing part of the financial advisory practice – essential to their ability achieve growth and competitive advantage. You can read the executive summary from the report here. InvestmentNews also released are some interesting videos that came out of the 2013 T3 Conference in Miami:

Advisory websites: Top do’s and don’ts

The mobile advisor

Stepping up your social media game

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