Technology & Software Branding

In the hyper-competitive tech industry, today’s hot innovation is tomorrow’s commodity. As B2B tech buying decisions move beyond the CIO to the CMO, CFO and even the CEO, a compelling and cohesive technology or software branding strategy can transcend commoditization.


Rebranding a technology pioneer to confront market disruptors.

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5 Principles for Successful Technology Branding

A brand is a brand is a brand. And then there are technology and software brands. While other industries face new competitors, technology companies face disruptors – companies that completely alter the competitive landscape and threaten the very survival of legacy players. Here are some best practices for positioning a technology brand for long-term success.

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Is it Time for Cyber Security Brands to Leave the Battlefield?

The security industry is evolving. But security brands are stuck in the fear-obsessed past. Military images, dark, ominous colors, and foreboding language from vendors that all convey the same message: You’re not safe, and you need us to protect you. To stand out, it might be time to leave the war zone completely. Here’s why.

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Branding Technology Companies in a Decentralized B2B Buying Environment

Nearly every functional area of the modern enterprise has a role in major B2B technology and software decisions. How can one brand be relevant to a broad group of decision-makers while also resonating powerfully – and specifically – with each individual? Fortunately, there are some tools that every tech marketer can use to overcome this brand challenge.

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