Aligning Corporate Social Responsibility Communications with the Corporate Brand: New Whitepaper From DeSantis Breindel Offers Principles for Success

What is the appropriate approach to communicating a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR)? How can a company let key constituents know about its philanthropic work while maintaining a sense of authenticity? When is it appropriate to link CSR communications to the corporate brand?

DeSantis Breindel has worked with many clients who struggle with these questions to create an effective approach to communicating its CSR commitment.  The B2B branding and marketing firm has created a whitepaper to find the proper relationship between CSR communications and corporate branding.

While there is no easy solution, the agency found that there are overarching principles that can guide a company in developing CSR communications. “The first step for any company is to evaluate the connection of its CSR activities to its fundamental business,” said Howard Breindel, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “Understanding this connection will inform the overall strategy a company should take in aligning these activities with the corporate brand.”

Whether or not a company’s charitable activities closely connect with its fundamental business, employees represent the most powerful brand communications channel. “It is our experience that for most companies, especially those in the B2B space, what employees say about their company can have a major impact on a company’s brand equity,” said Dru DeSantis, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “This applies ten-fold to how they communicate with others about their company’s CSR initiatives. When they are engaged in these activities, their communication about these activities will be authentic and passionate.”

Read the full whitepaper here.