DeSantis Breindel Named a B2B Marketing Top Agency 2022

We are pleased to have been selected as a top 20 agency in the B2B Marketing “US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2022.” The report, which is free to download, features 39 of the most forward-looking and ambitious marcomm agencies, providing detailed financial stats, headcounts, and more. The 108-page report also includes a wealth of analysis, commentary and interviews on the state of the market.

The B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report is an annual report based on the results of a comprehensive survey of US agencies. This survey asks agencies about their headcount, their income, their challenges, their concerns, their methods of winning business, and everything in between. The results are presented in a series of league tables, which list the biggest agencies, the agencies with an international reach, and those agencies growing at breakneck speed.

As David Rowlands, Editor in Chief of B2B Marketing says in his introduction, “whatever impact the pandemic may have had on agencies (and marketing more generally) over the past two years, agencies are expecting to make hay in the immediate future.”

Established in 2004, B2B Marketing is a resource for B2B Marketing is a resource for B2B marketers across the globe, offering conferences, reports, workshops and webinars to support B2B marketers.

Download the benchmarking report now.