Inspiring New Documentary Short “Fire With Fire” Helps Spread Awareness About Groundbreaking Advance in Cancer Treatment

Who would dare to pit one fatal disease against another… inside the body of a seven-year-old patient? Immunologist Dr. Carl June is achieving amazing results with a medical breakthrough almost too good to believe: he and his team are reengineering the HIV virus to fight cancer cells.

This groundbreaking cancer research is at the heart of a new Focus Forward short, “Fire With Fire,” directed by Oscar-winning director Ross Kauffman (Born Into Brothels). The film revolves around the incredible and inspiring story of Emma Whitehead, a seven year-old leukemia patient who has been in full remission for months after scientists used Dr. June’s experimental treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Emma was the first pediatric patient in the trial, which aims to eradicate cancer by training a person’s own immune system to kill their cancer cells.

At first I was nervous that this was going to be solely a piece about a new technology,” said Kauffman. “Discovering Dr. June and his team’s emotional investment and personal drive to find a cure for cancer was, and continues to be, an inspiration. As soon as Emma’s story came to light, it was clear that this film would serve not just as a chronicle of a revolutionary therapy for leukemia, but a portrait of a caring team of doctors, alongside a courageous young girl, trying to overcome a terrible disease.”

“Fire With Fire” is helping spread awareness about what researchers believe could mark the beginning of a major advance in cancer treatment. The film, produced by DB Productions, a subsidiary of DeSantis Breindel, will world premiere on December 13, as part of a special event in the Dubai International Film Festival’s (DIFF) Forum.

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