For B2B Companies, Is Content the Key to Unlocking the C-Suite?

They are the holy grail of B2B marketing: C-suite executives who open the doors, make the decisions and write the checks. And they are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. Unlocking the C-Suite: Why Content is Key, a new whitepaper from B2B branding and marketing firm, DeSantis Breindel, examines this challenge and offers one increasingly effective solution: providing relevant content.

“C-suite executives want fresh information, new perspectives. We hear it over and over again in research – they want to be told something they don’t already know, something they can’t get from their own people,” said Howard Breindel, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “The opportunity for B2B firms, especially in the business services space, is to leverage their intellectual assets and corporate knowledge to provide executives with information they can not get anywhere else. This is the type of content that will get their attention.”

One strategy highlighted in the whitepaper is “finding your content niche” — those topics that will be most credible and unique coming from your organization. “The real opportunity to stand out is to create content that others are not producing,” said Dru DeSantis, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “To do this, firms must make sure their content strategy aligns closely with their brand.”

For more insights, read the full whitepaper.