DeSantis Breindel Writes the New Chapter on Technology Branding

brand challenge book cover

The Brand Challenge, an anthology on branding across various industries, was published this month by Kogan Page. Featuring original contributions from DeSantis Breindel, McKinsey & Co., and marketing professors at business schools in Europe and the U.S., the book offers a comprehensive understanding of how to build successful brands using proven, sector-specific strategies.

As a resource for branding and marketing executives, The Brand Challenge examines the nuances of building brands in different industries and shares new approaches for leveraging brand to address today’s business challenges. The world’s leading brand experts provide insights and best practices from several sectors, including retail, non-profit, B2B, technology, and financial services.

“In our own experience working with clients across many B2B markets, we have seen that while each industry has its own unique approaches to branding, sometimes the best lessons come from outside your immediate space,” said Howard Breindel, Co-CEO of DeSantis Breindel. “The idea of publishing insights from a broad range of industries side by side is not only original, but essential in a world defined by accelerated change.”

DeSantis Breindel’s contribution to The Brand Challenge focuses on technology branding. “There’s branding and then there’s technology branding,” said Breindel. “While other industries face new competitors, technology companies face disruptors – companies that completely alter the competitive landscape and threaten the very survival of legacy players. As many technology categories become increasingly commoditized, it’s all the more imperative that technology companies in these categories deploy the power of brand to remain competitive.”

The Brand Challenge is available for purchase online.