DeSantis Breindel’s Work Shines in REBRAND Spotlight

We’re proud to announce that REBRAND, the “World’s Leading Resource for Effective Brand Transformations,” recently chose DeSantis Breindel’s work for Travel + Leisure for one of its coveted online Spotlights. It’s an honor for any branding firm to be featured on its platform.

The REBRAND website is a vibrant archive of great work in branding. It’s also the home of the annual REBRAND 100® Global Awards, which chose DeSantis Breindel Co-CEO Dru DeSantis to serve on its jury panel for 2024.

REBRAND’s Spotlight case studies include the full story behind featured projects: the game-changing business situation that led to the rebrand (merger, acquisition, spinoff, etc.), the challenges, the eventual brand strategy and its results. Visitors view before-and-after images and/or videos—witnessing the full brand transformation. 

Travel + Leisure Reimagined

Wyndham Destinations acquired Travel + Leisure magazine in 2021 to diversify its business beyond timeshares and reach more premium customers. It was an ambitious play conceived in 2020—a massively disruptive time for every vacation-related industry. But leadership saw rich potential in combining the world’s most influential travel magazine with Wyndham’s membership programs.

DeSantis Breindel came on board to develop a comprehensive new brand strategy for the combined entities. And in close partnership with Wyndham’s leadership, we rebranded the business as Travel + Leisure Co. 

Together, we created:

  • A fresh portfolio strategy 
  • New brand architecture
  • A modernized visual identity system
  • Comprehensive customer experience strategies

Travel + Leisure was transformed from a media company into a full-service travel ecosystem. Its new brand integrated e-commerce, leisure journalism, travel services and membership clubs into a single platform with a new name: Travel + Leisure GO.

Travel + Leisure GO now offers a seamless and customized travel-planning journey, from destination research through bookings.

This leap forward for the combined businesses positioned them for growth as pandemic restrictions eased around the world. Today, it’s a premiere online destination for people looking to get inspired by great places—and go.

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