Seeing Beyond: Leading Law Firm Unveils Bold New Brand

Lathrop Gage, a leading law firm, launched a striking new brand representative of its commitment to going beyond purely legal considerations to help clients take full advantage of the opportunities ahead. The new brand brings this inspiring commitment to life through an updated positioning, voice, visual identity and website as well as sales and marketing materials. Lathrop Gage partnered with DeSantis Breindel for this exciting rebranding initiative.

Lathrop Gage today launched a new, vibrant brand identity to reflect its distinctive approach to delivering client service. The firm also updated its name with the removal of the ampersand.

Prominently showcased on the firm’s website and in marketing materials, the new identity features a bold purple logo that is an abstract representation of a horizon, symbolizing Lathrop Gage’s ability to see beyond immediate legal challenges to help clients seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The firm’s new visual brand features warm, human colors and uses a square element in conjunction with imagery to signify a “window of opportunity,” a clear, far-reaching perspective. The vibrant colors are unexpected for a law firm, just as Lathrop Gage’s advice to clients is often unexpected.

“We sought feedback from our clients throughout the entire branding process and believe our new image is authentic to us and how we look beyond legal issues to consider the entirety of factors facing a business,” says Mark Bluhm, Lathrop Gage CEO. “By removing obstacles and fostering business objectives in a proactive manner, we give clients the confidence they need to adapt to changing markets and seize opportunities that yield transformative outcomes for their organizations and their industries.”

The distinctive brand, in development for more than a year, was created with the assistance of business-to-business branding firm DeSantis Breindel and positions the firm beyond its 144-year-old Midwestern roots to one with a national presence, serving clients that represent the strength of our economy.

“At Lathrop Gage, we see the law as a catalyst for progress. Our clients want to build companies that create jobs, transform industries, expand globally, and promote prosperity. We look beyond purely legal considerations to make this happen,” says Bluhm. “The firm provides strategic and often unexpected advice that considers the entire environment in which our clients do business — delivering outcomes that can only result from the collective wisdom and diverse experience of one truly integrated team.”

About Lathrop Gage

Lathrop Gage is a law firm whose clients form the backbone of our economy.  Our attorneys provide strategic guidance in litigation, business and intellectual property law, with deep knowledge and experience in the industries we serve.  We work as one integrated team from offices across the country to help our clients see beyond immediate challenges to achieve their most important objectives.  For more information, visit