B2B Branding

B2B brands must appeal to a diverse range of audiences across the C-suite, from marketing and HR to finance and IT. They must be versatile enough to work effectively through different channels at different points in the what is often a long and complex buying process. And they must resonate on both an emotional and cognitive level to forge the deep connections that are vital to all successful B2B businesses.

B2B Branding: Why the B2C Playbook Won’t Always Apply

B2B branding: What is it? How is it different than B2C branding? And why does your company need it?

B2B branding is the strategic effort to create a memorable, differentiated identity for your company in the business-to-business marketplace—enhancing perceptions and relationships by meeting the needs of other businesses and the people who…

B2B Branding in the Age of Digital Transformation

Our POV: Digital transformation affects not only B2B buyer journeys, but also many B2B industries’ fundamental business models. As a result, it’s more important than ever that companies invest in B2B branding that complements the newly digitized customer experience and clarifies their transformed corporate story.

Digital transformation has as many definitions as it does…

The Bottom-line Benefits of B2B Branding

In a data-driven world, marketers are increasingly focused on measuring the impact of their efforts. The rise of marketing technology, or “martech,” has further enabled this emphasis on metrics — with the industry spending roughly $100 billion in 2018, according to the marketing intelligence firm WARC. From Hootsuite to Hubspot, Mailchimp to Moz, the field…