Brand Strategy

The power to transform your business

Business strategy and brand strategy are inextricably linked. A successful brand strategy helps to activate business strategy—and transform your business—by bringing your unique offering to life, creating a distinct competitive edge that cultivates customer preference, employee engagement, and investor confidence.

Our brand strategy approach

We partner with business and marketing leaders at critical moments to transform their businesses through powerful brands. Built for B2B companies, our methodology identifies opportunities for differentiation to create compelling brand strategies that help firms achieve their business objectives. Importantly, by including stakeholders early and often, our collaborative branding process builds the consensus necessary to drive transformative change.

Our capabilities include Brand Positioning, Architecture and Portfolio Strategy, Corporate and Product Naming, Messaging Playbook, Voice and Verbal Guidelines, Brand Values and Behaviors, Tagline Development.

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Talk to us when

  • You struggle to define what you stand for
  • You want to tell a more compelling and differentiated brand story
  • Your overarching brand isn’t being reflected in product-level marketing
  • New disruptors have entered your category
  • M&A requires rethinking your brand portfolio, messaging, and identity
  • You’re entering new markets or introducing new products or services

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