Employee Brand Engagement

B2B brands are built from the inside, out.

Engaging employees in the process of building your brand is vital to its success. For the brand to be believed in, employees must understand and act on the brand. Critical to this approach is uniting your workforce around shared values and purpose beyond profit.
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Leverage brand as a catalyst for culture change. 

We develop brand activation programs that empower and inspire employees. Engagement begins early in our process, when we use interviews, workshops and surveys to involve as many employees as possible in developing the brand. This helps to ensure buy-in when the brand is launched. Brand training, employee ambassador programs and other engagement tools and approaches harness the power of brand to strengthen corporate culture and align it with the new brand.

Talk to us when:

  • You’re integrating workforces after M&A
  • You want to excite employees about a new initiative or brand
  • You need to translate an external value proposition into an internal rallying cry
  • You’re encouraging new corporate behaviors, values, or beliefs


  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Brand Training Programs
  • Internal Communications
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Recruitment Branding
  • Environmental Branding

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