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It isn’t what you say about yourself that counts — it’s what they say about you.

We created our proprietary high-touch, collaborative research methodology to uncover how the marketplace perceives you today and what it’s looking for in the future. We apply diverse approaches that tackle key issues and explore multiple angles and audiences, resulting in rich insights and a deeper understanding of what drives demand—to minimize uncertainty and guesswork and guide decision making.

Our research framework.

We believe that the most effective way to achieve a true 360-degree perspective is through an inside-outside framework. We thus begin by gaining a strong understanding of the company’s underlying business model and vision for the future.

Our approach includes in-depth leadership interviews, employee surveys, and workshops that use a range of methodologies and stimuli to elicit deeply-held opinions on what the company’s brand stands for today, and how it needs to evolve in the future. Armed with this perspective, we look outward, acquiring an external perspective through client and prospect interviews, ethnographic studies, competitive analyses, and quantitative market surveys.

While the scope of our research approach is always customized to meet the needs of each client, the outcome is consistent across engagements: actionable intelligence that uncovers clear areas of opportunity, drives informed decision making, and provides valuable benchmarks for measuring impact.

Our capabilities include Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Brand Insight Workshops, Competitive Benchmarking, Brand Equity Valuation, Market Analysis.

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Talk to us when:

  • You need to know more about a new market or audience
  • You’re consolidating or rationalizing your portfolio of products
  • You want to a better understanding of audience brand perception
  • You want feedback on existing or future messaging
  • You need benchmarks against which to measure brand performance

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