Association Branding

In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, with public trust in bedrock industries and institutions at an all-time low, trade association brands need to resonate with a wide range of constituents – regulators, members, and the public – who often have different, and sometimes conflicting, agendas.


Reinventing a powerful trade association to resonate with a rapidly changing membership landscape.

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Insights on Association Branding

The Importance of Focus in Building Brands

Do more audiences translate to more B2B brand traction? Well, not exactly. Trying to be everything to everyone rarely works, but it’s easy for organizations that are eager to grow to create broad value propositions that are too generic to mean anything to anyone, let alone to their key audiences. And even when there’s a compelling reason to expand an audience base, organizations still need to be careful to not dilute their brands.

Is It Time to Rethink Your B2B Brand?

When an organization has a branding problem, it can be easy to miss the forest for the trees, thinking that a name change or logo switch can fix the issue. But dissatisfaction with one element of a brand is often symptomatic of a much deeper problem that no quick fix can resolve. This is why we recommended that a client who wanted to replace their name for something more meaningful instead invest in developing their B2B brand.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and the Importance of a Strong Brand

How does branding – or lack thereof – contribute to the success of a merger or acquisition? Although M&A activity is most often considered from a financial perspective, brand is a critical factor. Not only does it empower a company to translate the financial and strategic rationale of the transaction into a compelling value proposition for external audiences, but it also creates internal unity that can inspire employees to help build the brand from the inside out.