Association Branding

In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, with public trust in bedrock industries and institutions at an all-time low, trade association brands need to resonate with a wide range of constituents—regulators, members, and the public—who often have different, and sometimes conflicting, agendas.

The key to developing a successful brand is finding the common ground that unites all audiences, whether it’s allegiance to a cause or a commitment to a particular issue. Another challenge: too often, associations are seen purely as advocates with government bodies, while their robust offerings, whether education programs, events, or knowledge sharing, are overlooked. A strong brand will find a way to communicate the entirety of an association’s offering by focusing on the core value proposition, and supporting it with targeted messaging.

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Insights on Association Branding

One World, One Brand? B2B Branding for a Global Marketplace

When we begin a branding initiative with a global client, one of the first things we hear is that the company stands for different things in different countries – and therefore no single brand can possibly resonate globally. Is this true? Howard Breindel looks at the ways a global brand can help or hurt B2B company success.

Do You Really Need a Tagline? 

It’s increasingly common for a brand to go tagline-less, especially in B2B, where standing out among competitors that seemingly offer the same product or service requires a nuanced brand identity that often can’t be summed up in a single catchphrase. We examine role of taglines in B2B branding, and offer a new way to think about their value.

Staking New Territory in Association Branding

Securing internal buy-in is one of the most difficult, and necessary, parts of any branding project. But it’s particularly difficult in associations, where decision-making is often dependent on the consensus of a large group of stakeholders. This case study examines how one such organization was able to embrace a transformational new brand.