Financial Services & Bank Branding

From boutiques gaining market share to fintech disruptors expanding the competitive landscape to global players looking to maintain leadership and increase share of wallet—the importance of a differentiated financial services brand has never been more critical.

In financial services, standing apart—and standing above—can be particularly challenging, as competitors increasingly broaden their offerings and target new audiences. This challenge is magnified by the ever-present need to inspire confidence in outcomes without appearing to promise future performance. For some competitors, focusing on relationships can instill confidence. For others, a brand built around process may provide reassurance. But for all financial services companies, understanding the motivations and concerns of a broad range of people, from investors and intermediaries to partners and employees, is key to success.

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Insights on Financial Services Branding

Taking a Financial Brand from Legendary to Contemporary

Can a legendary brand be a bad thing? That was the question facing Guggenheim Partners when it set out to evaluate its long-standing brand. The firm struggled to identify the relevance of the Guggenheim name to today’s investors. How does association with a 150-year-old family, no matter how illustrious, benefit a 21st century investment manager?

Using Brand to Navigate Disruption in Financial Services

Depending on your outlook, the financial services industry is either an incredibly scary or extremely exciting place to be. More than any other industry, financial companies are facing a paradigm shift brought on by the perfect storm of digitalization, increased regulatory scrutiny and changing demographic profiles and preferences of both clients and workforce.