Health Care Branding

From payers and providers to technology and services companies, B2B health care players are investing billions of dollars acquiring, merging, launching, inventing – all to gain a competitive advantage amid changes in technology, regulations and buyer behavior. To maximize ROI, health care branding strategies must translate these investments into meaningful benefits for all audiences.

CarePoint Health

Powerfully connecting with consumers and caregivers following a merger of three hospitals.

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Insights on Health Care Branding

Building a Health Care Technology Brand Experience Online

Zelis’ new brand, founded on an invitation to “Experience Zelis,” was the source of a challenge: how to translate this distinct feeling – something based on in-person, first-hand interactions – into a health care technology brand that resonated throughout each touchpoint along the B2B customer journey.

It’s Why, Not the What: Compelling Health Care Branding

In business, growth is more than important – it’s essential. But chasing annual revenue and profit goals, whether by building upon existing relationships or expanding into new markets, can sometimes come at the expense of a company’s core position in the marketplace: its brand.

Using Video to Tell a Human Brand Story

The need for powerful storytelling has become a common refrain among marketers as they think about how to better connect with audiences. With ever-increasing opportunities for brands and audiences to interact digitally, marketers know they need to find ways to cut through the noise and engage with audiences at a deeper level – and film is an increasingly important tool for doing just that.