Real Estate Branding

Recent mergers among the largest real estate platforms have intensified competition while blurring points of differentiation. Strong real estate branding strategies can create a unique point of view that transcends bricks and mortar and forge deeper relationships with audiences across the real estate ecosystem.

PGIM Real Estate

Building a cohesive global brand for a complex, multi-product real estate platform.

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What to Do when “Innovation” Is no Longer Innovative?

Today, innovation is everywhere we look, and in this fast-paced and increasingly digital world, we don’t just embrace it – we expect it. Recognizing this, brands have jumped on the opportunity to signal to their audiences that they, too, are innovators. But when everyone’s talking about innovation, branding and messaging around it can easily fall flat – and we see this all too often in the B2B space.

Five Signs that It’s Time to Refresh Your B2B Brand

In reviewing branding projects that DeSantis Breindel has worked on over the years, we noticed five warning signs our clients have encountered when coming to us for help. Howard Breindel details these five scenarios.