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Much like the tablet, mobile use is on the rise and a key touchpoint for engaging with customers. Below, we have compiled 10 of the most informative and useful articles relating to B2B marketing in the mobile space; how to maximize results and communicate with prospects on a channel they use most frequently.

1.  Mobile Marketing: Three Strategic Approaches to Success
This video and accompanying article from MarketingProfs.com attempts to redefine how we think of mobile by outlining 3 strategic mobile mindsets. Mobile acts as a portal into customer insights, an extension of brand value, and a bridge to all marketing efforts.

2. B2B Marketers: Your Targets Are Mobile
This article from eMarketer focuses on mobile advertising as it relates to mobile content offerings, as business professionals continue to look to their mobile devices for efficiency and information. In June 2011, this survey found that 28% of B2B C-level executives use their mobile phones to research business purchases.

3. The Mobile Revolution and B2B
This whitepaper entitled “The Mobile Revolution and B2B” sums up anything and everything one would want to know about the mobile phenomenon and how best to deal with mobile integration as it relates to B2B marketing.

4. 5 Steps to Joining the Mobile Marketing Revolution
This 5-step guide to joining the mobile revolution from Business2Community.com summarizes the top take-aways from the above whitepaper, “The Mobile Revolution and B2B.” B2B companies who make themselves relevant in the world of mobile will grow and prosper. This short guide can help companies start to engage.

5. Are You Ready for B2B Mobile Marketing?
Stats like this say it all, “By the end of 2012, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth.” With this in mind, this post from B2BBloggers.com advises B2B firms to capitalize on ‘mobile smartification,’ by harnessing mobile technology to optimize marketing activities and establish connections.

6. Smart Push Notifications Make for Smarter Mobile Marketing
This article from Mobile Marketer highlights the importance of push notifications in mobile marketing as it has emerged as a key channel of communication between brands and customers. This allows brands to keep customers engaged even when they aren’t using an app.

7. What I Learned From Mobile Marketing Day 2012
This post from CMO.com outlines some key takeaways from Mobile Marketing Day 2012, specifically relating to mobile as one of the fastest growing digital advertising channels. As mobile applications continue to invade the marketplace, brands must utilize this key touch-point in order to remain relevant and innovative. Especially, when these stats continue to be revealed, “In 2011, there were a total of 117.9 million smartphones in the US and that number will continue to rise to 155.6 million in 2012, a 32% increase.”

8. For B2B Marketers, The Zero Moment Of Truth Is Also Mobile
The Zero Moment of Truth is defined as the act of doing the research necessary to find out the facts regarding a certain product or service sent to a prospect or customer from a B2B marketer. This key moment is when a marketer can win or lose a prospective client, and they are starting to realize this. A report via eMarketer.com states, “nearly 1/4 of B2B marketers – up 10% over the previous year, identify the mobile web as being an influential touch point.” Executives are doing their research, and maintaining a mobile web presence is critical for marketers to ‘reach and resonate’ with prospects and clients.

9. IBM: Mobile, Social Post Biggest Hurdles For Marketers
According to a report recently released from IBM, “More than a third of companies say they plan to launch mobile ad campaigns within the next 12 months.” The year of mobile lies ahead, and keeping up with mobile initiatives will be the biggest challenge for marketers as they navigate this channel. Media integration of mobile into marketing campaigns is key to succeeding in the mobile field. This article provides some key statistics from the report, while outlining the importance of integration.

10. 18 Stats On The Mobile Market You Need To Know
This article from B2Bmarketinginsider.com sums up the entire mobile revolution, but rather than through graphs or conferences, through a thorough infographic. The infographic includes 18 stats and facts related to the state of the mobile market. Specifically, as mobile is integrated into our lives on an increasingly interactive level by the day, “Americans average 2.7 hours per day on their mobile device, twice the amount of time spend eating.”