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Here are some of the things we are most looking forward to in 2017.


Lynne Field
Managing Director, Strategy
“One of the things I’m interested in is seeing how the lessons learned from the election with regard to polling and projections impact market research as an industry.

I attended an interesting election post-mortem panel discussion with reporters who talked about how they saw and heard a huge amount of support for Trump on the ground, but the data they had caused them to disbelieve what they personally observed.

How might this impact how we all approach qualitative or immersion research relative to quantitative research?”

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sanjay pictureSanjay Doshi
Senior Director, Program Management
“In 2017, it will be interesting to see how B2B brands and marketers react and adapt to all of the new rules and regulations conceived of and implemented by the President-elect. Especially in specific industries such as health care, technology and energy.”


dave pictureDave Morreale
Technical Director
“I’m excited to see how brands will begin to embrace the IoT. Particularly, I’m interested to see how brands might supply a future marketplace for things like Amazon’s Alexa skills. As we saw with the web itself and then the Apple App store, these markets take on a wild-west like atmosphere while figuring out what people will actually need and want.”

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mallory pictureMallory Bulos
Marketing Manager
“Still in its infancy, augmented reality (AR) may be flying under the radar for many marketers these days. But AR is quickly becoming a very important and disruptive technology in the workforce, and the market is projected to be worth over $162 billion by 2020.

Could this be the next big thing for B2B marketers since marketing automation and account-based marketing? Only time will tell. But it will definitely be interesting to see how big of a role AR will play for marketers, especially with recent trends on building stronger customer experiences.”

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andrew pictureAndrew Kyrejko
Director of Engagement
“I’m interested in how visual storytelling will continue to translate to increasingly important social channels like Instagram, expanding digital platforms like iOS and Android, and to organizations’ internal communications platforms across office networks. ‘Show don’t tell’ has been an imperative for years but how and where and when the approach is applied keeps changing (and that’s a good thing).”

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liza pictureLiza Morhaim
Line Producer
“Virtual Reality. This technology seems to be coming up more and more. With any new film technology, it could be a gimmick or it could really stick. I can’t wait to see where virtual reality takes us.”

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