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In today’s B2B marketing landscape, all B2B brands are content publishers and all B2B marketers are content marketers. We fulfill these roles at varying levels, but none of us can escape the importance of content – useful, relevant and accessible information – in the B2B buyers journey. Here are some of our recommendations for what to read right now as it relates to B2B content marketing.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

Content Marketing Institute’s annual research report on B2B content marketing trends is a must-read for all B2B marketers. This comprehensive report covers benchmarks, budgets and trends for B2B brands across North America. It’s a creative tool for assessing how your content marketing program measures up to your peers’. Read the full report.

Everything You Need to Know About Link Building

If you’re looking for more organic traffic to your website (who isn’t?), then link building is a must. In this in-depth article, SEO experts, Moz, provide a comprehensive guide for any marketer looking to build or brush-up on their link building strategy. Grow popularity and links.

23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content

As content marketing becomes more visual, B2B marketers are increasingly leaning on video as a powerful tool in their content marketing arsenal. Unique in its ability to engage audiences with imagery, voices, and music simultaneously, video builds an instant emotional connection between subject and viewer. The phrase “moving pictures” doesn’t merely refer to images with action, but bespeaks video’s unparalleled storytelling ability. In this article, Content Marketing Institute shares a generous list of ideas and considerations for creating impactful video content, using real examples. Get the 23.

Is It Time for B2B Brands to Consider User-Generated Content?

For consumer-facing brands user-generated content (UGC) is no longer a trends; it’s a core part of the marketing toolkit. Why? Simply put: it works. In fact, a comScore study found that consumers engaged with brands 28% more when they consumed a mix of professional and user-generated content.

Can UGC work for B2B brands? This article makes a compelling case for why B2B marketers should consider incorporating UGC into their marketing plan (it also backs this case up with three B2B success stories).

For those that are already convince, here are five helpful strategies for getting started.