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This month, a deep-dive into the values of B2B purchasers, quantifying the effectiveness of CX, and a look at the unexpected success of Amazon’s unlovely website design.


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What Do B2B Decision Makers Really Care About?

As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal concerns that business customers bring to the purchase process are increasingly important. Recent Bain & Company research shows that with some purchases, considerations such as whether a product can enhance the buyer’s reputation or reduce anxiety play a large role.

Bain’s “Elements of Value Pyramid” offers a unique approach to understanding these critical decisions. Learn more about the pyramid in this comprehensive Harvard Business Review article.

from Harvard Business Review

Is Focusing on Customer Experience Just a Trendy Concept? Or Does It Really Pay Off?

Companies that have committed to the customer experience — factoring in the people, processes, technology, and organizational structure required to facilitate it — are outperforming their peers, according to new research from Adobe.

Organizations with a cross-team CX approach were nearly twice as likely to have exceeded their top 2017 business goals (20% vs. 11%), according to Adobe’s 8th annual “Digital Trends” report, which surveyed almost 13,000 marketing, creative, and technology professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Download the report for more insightful findings.

from CMO.com

It’s Not Simple. It’s Not Beautiful. But the Amazon Website Succeeds Anyway. Here’s Why.

From an aesthetic point of view, Amazon’s web store is neither simple nor beautiful — two things we expect of good design. Instead, it focuses on simplicity of experience, process, and functionality. For many designers, this is somewhat confounding. So, how might we look at Amazon to understand why it works, despite — if not because of — its aesthetic?

Amazon’s design succeeds because it makes use of four key principles that all great shopping experiences embody—whether digital or physical, luxury, or low-cost. Read this intriguing article to learn about these principles.

from Fast Company