2012 red trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to B2B marketing and branding published over the last year, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

1. Content Marketing Trends: 5 Awesome Examples from 2012
This article published in early December by Content Marketing Institute explores the top content marketing trends from 2012, which are sure to carry over and evolve into the new year. Not only starting a social media campaign but engaging with audiences, optimizing content for search purposes, understanding the importance of mobile devices and proper cross-platform integration are a few of the key trends explained in this article, which includes insightful charts and infographics. Read the article.

2. Internet Week New York 2012
In May, we attended Internet Week New York, an event dedicated to discussing all the newest trends and insights made in the world of media, marketing, and webosphere as a whole. We attended a variety of info sessions dedicated to social and online video, marketing and advertising, as well as content marketing; all of which allowed us as B2B marketers to gain a valuable perspective on the state of media as a whole. Luckily, a description of each panel and videos make it easy for those who did not attend to gain some insights from the IWNY discussions.

3. Tablets are ‘New Best’ Content Marketing Device
This year, the BYOD trend started to gain a following among many employees in top companies, so it comes as no surprise that this article from Content Marketing Institute named tablets the “new best” content marketing device in March 2012. There’s no doubt about it- 2012 was the year of content marketing and when it comes to top devices to consume content with, tablets will continue to be a favorite among the top executives and key audiences marketers want to reach. According to a survey by the International Data Corporation 51% of IT decision makers say they ‘always’ use their tablet at work; a trend we can only expect to rise in 2013.

4. Why CEOs Should Care: How Social Media Drives Business
This article published by Forbes in July is all about the importance of social media marketing-but as it specifically relates to the participation on the part of corporate executives. Of the Fortune 500 CEOs, “only 7.6 percent are present on Facebook, only 4 percent use Twitter, and less than 1 percent use Google Plus.” Why should CEOs care about social media? Not only does it have a humanizing effect, but it is undoubtedly beneficial for business-as more companies realize this they are taking the proper measures to ensure their top executives are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Read the article.

5. 2012 International BMA Conference
This Spring, we attended the Business Marketing Association’s annual conference in Chicago; 48 hours of intensive discussion between top B2B leaders who are making their companies grow. We gleamed some valuable insights from the conference, and luckily others can learn from the discussion panels at the conference by visiting the Business Marketing Association website, where marketers can find a detailed agenda from each day of the conference, as well as webinars, articles, and podcasts led by B2B marketing thought leaders.

6. How Asking “Why” Helps Us Get to the Larger Story
This post from Content Marketing Institute reminds marketers that asking “why” is one of the most important strategies for developing content that truly resonates and engages with customers and prospects. The article reads, “We are so trained to think in the classic “features and benefits” form of creating, that it can be hard to step back and tell the larger story…Our content marketing should be focused on delivering value to our audiences beyond the product or service we provide. It should ultimately answer the question of “why” our consumers care about us.” With this in mind, how can B2B brands stand out? This article lists some examples of ‘why’ questions that will allow B2B companies help their audiences be truly informed. Read the article.