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This month, how marketers can start integrating AI into their work, ideas for reinventing innovation, and intriguing predictions for the future of tech.

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How Marketers Can Start Integrating AI in Their Work

The sophistication of AI technologies has already advanced further and faster than most marketers’ ability to actually make use of them. But there are steps companies can take today. Harvard Business Review offers some concrete examples of how AI can help make marketing more effective.

from Harvard Business Review

Reinventing Innovation: Pioneering Brands Tell How They Do It

In a global study of over 1,200 companies, executives explain how their businesses are collaborating with a broader set of stakeholders to reap greater rewards from their innovation efforts. Take a closer look at 5 key takeaways that offer a blueprint to guide strategy through execution.

from PwC

Wired’s Predictions for Bots, Blockchains, Cyberattacks, Crispr and More 

The future is really scary — or really exciting. Or both? In Wired’s fascinating list of predictions, robots will transform retail, power grids will be attacked by hackers, and your emotional state will be an open book.

from Wired

Unlocking the C-Suite: Why Content Is Key

They are the holy grail of B2B marketing: C-suite executives who open the doors, make the decisions and write the checks. And they are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. The key to getting inside is providing executives with something they need but can’t get elsewhere: relevant content.

From Customer Experience to Client Experience

Customer experience. The phrase has become ubiquitous in branding and marketing circles. In the B2C world, its relevance is obvious: delight your customers at every “touchpoint,” whether on your website, in a retail environment, on the phone, or when they’re using your product or service.

But what does customer experience mean in the B2B…