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This month, the CMO as creative accelerator, and some compelling reasons to keep your words short and sweet.

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Sponge, Squirrel, Thief: The CMO as Creative Accelerator

David Redhill, global CMO of Deloitte Consulting, says that business and creativity are increasingly interdependent: “Business models have been upended by the digital revolution, putting the customer at the center of the equation. Creating individual emotional connections with those customers requires unprecedented levels of creativity, empathy, imagination, and storytelling.” In this fascinating interview, he explains how CMOs may be ideally positioned to guide the marketing organization — and the entire enterprise — to the next breakthrough.

from WSJ.com

Agile Marketing Keeps Up With the Pace of Change

Agile marketing, a set of methodologies based on agile software development, can help break down organizational silos and get things done quickly and efficiently. The idea is to collocate a group of people across business units to work on solving a common problem via focused collaboration, testing, iteration, and data insights. Read how companies are leveraging this development concept.

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Smart Entrepreneurs Use Third-Grade Words

Steve Jobs once said, “Simple can be harder than complex.” Which is why it’s hard to express your ideas simply. Anyone can write long, confusing sentences and speak in esoteric jargon. But simplicity is worth pursuing because it “can move mountains,” according to Jobs. Consultant and author Carmine Gallo has some interesting thoughts on how to use simple language to create more effective communications.

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Archetype Series #2: The Sage, the Explorer and the Innocent

As we noted in the first post of this series, brands are similar to people — they’re driven by unique personalities that help create their identities. To help our clients tap into their own archetypes, we’ve developed an interactive exercise that guides them through an exploration of nine Jungian archetypes. We challenge workshop participants…

Brand Strategy: From Tangibles to Intangibles

A competitive review is an important part of any brand strategy initiative. It helps answer questions critical to a successful branding effort: How are competitors positioning themselves? What are the messages that consistently rise to the top? What is the white space that can be “owned” by a brand?

For dataxu, a client in the…

CMOs and CIOs: Partners in the New Digital Customer Experience

In 2012, a Gartner analyst famously predicted that by 2017 marketing technology budgets would be bigger than IT technology budgets.  In most organizations, budget means power, so Gartner’s prediction spurred speculation that the CMO-CIO relationship might become a testy one.  Within a year, we saw headlines like this one in the Harvard Business…