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This month, a survey about the value of thought leadership to B2B decision makers, and some intriguing insights into the world of Gen Y and Z.

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How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation

A recent survey of more than 1,300 business decision makers and C-suite executives explores how thought leadership influences their behaviors throughout the B2B purchase process. One finding: Thought leadership has meaningful impact on attracting RFP invitations, creating preference with buyers, and directly contributing to sales wins. View the full study for more intriguing insights.

from Edelman and LinkedIn

All About Generations Y and Z — and How to Reach Them

A new report from Cassandra explores how Generation Ys and Zs are reshaping what it means to live, work, and pay and how companies can leverage new opportunities surrounding youth’s shifting definitions of success across these three key pillars.

from Cassandra

How Microsoft CMO is Reinvigorating His Team

Scott Allen, CMO of Microsoft U.K., begun the transformation of the U.K. marketing team while embracing a top-down approach to changing the culture within the business. In conversation with CMO.com, he talks about the starting point for his team’s digital transformation.

from CMO.com

Human-Centered Branding and B2B Customer Obsession

Today is the age of the customer, where power has shifted from companies to customers and organizations everywhere are rethinking the way they interact with customers to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth. CMOs and marketing leaders are at the helm of this change, charged with adopting more customer-oriented way of operating in order to…

What Are Seven Principles for M&A Branding Success?

From a business perspective, few things are as critical to get right as a major merger or acquisition — and few things are as challenging.

On the long list of considerations during M&A activity, merger branding is one of the most crucial. Not getting the brand right is a key reason that, according to…

Staking New Territory in Association Branding

Securing internal buy-in is one of the most difficult, and necessary, parts of any branding project. And, as more and more areas of the organization realize the importance and implications of brand, more and more stakeholders’ sign-offs are becoming necessary before a new positioning is embraced.

We’re used to this increased decision…