B2Beat: Goldman Sachs Does Snapchat, CMO Council Survey, and the Digital Future of Banking

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This week, a fascinating interview tells how Goldman Sachs is using Snapchat in its marketing, a new CMO Council survey offers insights into customer expectations — and Accenture ponders the future of banking.

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How Goldman Sachs Builds Its Brand Beyond Wall Street

In a video interview, Amanda Rubin, global co-head, Brand and Content Strategy at Goldman Sachs, describes how the firm is harnessing its intellectual capital to tell stories around topics that have broad appeal and credibility, such as clean energy and technology, and is using Snapchat Discover to market around innovation and content immersion.

from Adweek

Survey: Understanding the Real Expectations of Today’s Connected Customer

A new survey from the CMO Council reveals that consumers will abandon a brand and take their money elsewhere if they encounter poor, impersonal or frustrating customer experiences. This comprehensive report features a complete outline of all survey data, including breakdowns of critical insights by gender and age.

from CMO Council

How Digital Customers Are Radically Reshaping the Banking Industry

In a fascinating new report, “Don’t Bank on Long-Term Survival,” Accenture Strategy looks at how banks are dealing with digital challenges. The recommendations provide valuable lessons to other industries that must adapt to the existential threat of disruptive technology.

from Accenture

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