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How to Master B2B Customer Data

Did you know that 33 percent of CEOs believe revenue generation is the primary responsibility of marketing? As this article from Dun & Bradstreet says: yikes. But mastering the tsunami of data pouring into marketing and sales can be daunting. Here, some good observations and ideas from D&B’s director of content.

from Dun & Bradstreet

Views From the C-Suite: An Annual Survey of Global Business Executives

This survey offers a deep dive into the thoughts and predictions of more than 400 global executives. The takeaway: a clear trend toward a broader leadership role amid geopolitical tensions, technological disruption, and economic uncertainty. Take a look at the full report for some illuminating insights.

from A.T. Kearney

Was Andy Warhol the First Multichannel Marketer?

He hit every medium — silkscreen, painting, sculpture, publishing, television — and wholeheartedly embraced technology. In this article, the author makes the case for Warhol’s marketing genius and his profound influence on advertising.

from CMO.com

Focus on Brand Purpose Not Process

Before institutional investors turn over millions — and sometimes billions — of dollars to an asset manager, they want to know how their money is going to be invested. It’s not a question of which equities or bonds or alternatives the manager prefers. That’s easy enough to determine by looking at their current portfolios. What…

Unlocking the C-Suite: Why Content Is Key

They are the holy grail of B2B marketing: C-suite executives who open the doors, make the decisions and write the checks. And they are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. The key to getting inside is providing executives with something they need but can’t get elsewhere: relevant content.

Virtual, Visceral and Visual: Technology’s Powerful Influence on Design and Branding

Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Drones everywhere. One minute a new technology seems like the stuff of sci-fi. The next minute it’s this year’s hottest Christmas gift. We are inundated with the magic and wonder of innovative technology, even if we aren’t exactly sure how it will ultimately affect our everyday lives…