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This week, we explore the invisible CEO, this year’s winning entries from the D&AD Awards, and what content creators really think about branded video.

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The Invisible CEO

A troubling comment on the state of employee engagement, a recent survey revealed that nearly a quarter of American workers at large enterprises can’t name their CEO, and a third can’t identify their faces. How can more frequent—and more effective—internal communications make employees feel more connected to leadership?

from theEMPLOYEEapp

D&AD’s Professional Award Winners

A feast for the eyes! Design lovers will enjoy browsing the winning entries from 2017’s prestigious D&AD Awards, which honors excellence in creativity across a wide range of disciplines. Be sure to check out the Black Pencils, the highest level awarded.

from D&AD

What Do Content Creators Really Think About Branded Video?

The big takeaway from the media-saturated people behind branded videos? Authenticity, (read: real people), empowerment, and unobtrusiveness are what make a good ad experience. Humor doesn’t hurt either!

from Adweek

From Measurement to Improvement: An Agile Approach to Employee Engagement

Few would dispute that the world in which we live and work is changing at an extraordinary pace. In this dynamic landscape, business executives face immense pressure to not only survive – but thrive. In other words, they have to keep up with the pace while bumping up profits.

Continuous innovation is a strategy we hear…

Keeping it Real: The Emergence of Authenticity in Design

In the past few years, we’ve seen “authenticity” emerge as a theme in branding and design; this year, it has exponentially increased in importance and value. That’s understandable: in a world where “fake” news can dominate the political conversation and Instagram stars turn out to be imposters, consumers have become increasingly cynical.


Minimalism: Is Less Always More?

Minimalism is a trend whose time has come — again and again. In the early 20th century, artists and designers rebelled against representational imagery, in part as a visual response to political revolutions. Later, in the 1950s and early 1960s, bold, clean typography and flat, colorful imagery underscored the optimism of the jet age.

“Flat” design…