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What Is the Role of Brand in Management Consulting? Research Highlights from Industry Study from desantisbreindel

In recent years, management consulting firms have continued to broaden the scope of their offering, often through acquisitions, to meet the increasing demand for technology, digitization and implementation vs. traditional strategy consulting services. In partnership with the Association of Management Consulting Firms,  the Brand Influence Guide for Management Consulting (BIG:MC) aimed to understand if, and how, firms are leveraging brand as a business asset, and what role brand is playing in this complex and evolving market landscape. The survey analyzed the responses of over 75 executives within management consulting firms of all sizes.

One of the most interesting findings was that mid-sized firms in particular are having trouble finding their place in this industry. Often they’ve grown as a collection of practices. They aren’t small enough to be boutiques. They aren’t quite large enough to be global, full-service leaders. They’re stuck somewhere in the middle, trying to straddle both worlds. The result, the study found, is that mid-size firms feel the least confident in their ability to articulate who they are – internally and externally.

Check out the highlights in the infographic below:

About the author

Howard Breindel

Howard Breindel is a cofounder of DeSantis Breindel. He works with visionary leaders across B2B industries whose companies are at critical inflection points, helping them harness the power of brand to grow their business.

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