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Though consolidation is nothing new in management consulting, the industry has been going through critical shifts over the past few years as firms broaden the scope of their offering (often through acquisitions) to meet increasing demand for technology and digitization. As brand strategists, we’re always interested in studying the role of brand in B2B industries going through change.

So we partnered with the Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF) to examine brand in the industry’s new landscape. We surveyed over 75 management consulting executives to learn how brand is being used as a business asset. Yesterday, we launched the results at

Do Mid-Size Firms Have an Identity Issue?

One of the most intriguing findings to come out of the study was that midsized firms (those with 1001-5000 employees) are having the most trouble finding their place in this evolving and complex industry. In fact, over 50% see their brands as weak.


Management Consultants Weigh In On Digital Media

Another key finding showed that, despite all the hype, mobile media is seen as one of the least effective marketing channels. The most effective channel for a management consulting firm? Its website. This makes sense in an increasingly digital world, where a firm’s website has become the hub of its digital brand experience.


Explore the full findings from the study.