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Branding and Asset Management: Research Findings from desantisbreindel
How effective are asset managers in communicating a differentiated value proposition? What are the key drivers of the asset management brand? And what are the most effective channels for connecting with key audiences? These are some of the questions we set out to answer in the Brand Influence Guide for Asset Management (BIG: AM). To do so, we partnered with the Institutional Investor Institute to get perspectives from asset managers, investment consultants and institutional investors.
One of the most interesting insights we found was a gap between what asset managers emphasize about themselves – responsiveness and legacy – and what investment consultants and institutional investors are looking for – transparency, thought leadership and analytical qualities – when evaluating, and ultimately, choosing an asset manager. Rather than asking investors to look in the rearview mirror by talking about legacy and reputation, BIG:AM suggests that asset managers should demonstrate a future focus.

Check out the highlights in the infographic below:


About the author

Howard Breindel

Howard Breindel is a cofounder of DeSantis Breindel. He works with visionary leaders across B2B industries whose companies are at critical inflection points, helping them harness the power of brand to grow their business.

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