Can Analytics Drive C-Suite Alignment?

A look at the opportunity that big data and analytics can provide a CMO.
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The evolving, more tech-driven role of the CMO is a topic that has been top of mind for many B2B marketing executives. To date, much of the conversation has been around integrating marketing and IT – how the CMO and CIO can build a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship in an increasingly data-driven world.

But a recent post offered an interesting take on the opportunity that big data and analytics can provide a CMO: the chance to gain support across the entire C-Suite.

Could Analytics Be Just The Glue The C-Suite Needs in 2015?” the article asks. As it turns out, yes. From finance to supply chain to corporate strategy, “every function in the organization can benefit from the smart use of data.” And marketers – who have access to large amounts of information around actual customer behavior – are in a prime position to explain “not only what customers want, but why.” Thus, analytics becomes a glue of sorts, driving cohesion and customer-centricity in executive decision-making.

What we like most about this concept (besides that it empowers marketing executives to play a bigger role in C-suite decision-making) is that it enforces alignment between business strategy and brand and marketing strategy. Alignment breaks down silos and increases the potential for the brand – and the company – to succeed. While the technology behind data-driven marketing will inevitably change (at a faster rate then ever before), smart marketers who leverage analytics to drive alignment – and support – in the C-suite will stay well ahead of the curve.

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