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Our co-CEO, Howard Breindel, recently examined a critical factor that’s often overlooked when it comes to executing a successful rebrand: the relationship between the branding agency and the CMO. Beyond solid research, stellar creativity, a strategic launch plan, it is the quality of this relationship that can determine a brand’s success or failure.

In this Forbes article, Howard identifies three critical elements of the CMO-branding agency relationship and how they can help ensure brand success.

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Why Focus is So Important for Building Brands (and Businesses)

Every morning before my coffee hits and my mood improves, I shuffle onto a crowded, Manhattan-bound L train. More often than not, at least one of my fellow passengers is an ad from ConEd bearing its campaign line cum tag line “Everything Matters.” And every time I see “Everything Matters” plastered next to a…

Audio Whitepaper: Selling To The C-Suite

They are the holy grail of B2B marketing: C-suite executives who open the doors, make the decisions and write the checks. And they are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. The key to getting inside is providing executives with something they need but can’t get elsewhere: relevant content.

In this audio…

Why Purpose Matters for Growing Companies

In business, growth is more than important – it’s essential. But chasing annual revenue and profit goals, whether by building upon existing relationships or expanding into new markets, can sometimes come at the expense of a company’s core position in the marketplace: its brand.
A shared purpose after extending offerings
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