Q3 2012 green trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to Corporate Social Responsibility published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

1. The Opportunity of Giving Back: A Consideration for Employee Happiness

This article from Technorati discusses employee satisfaction, not as it relates to bonuses and stock options, but rather an increasing need among employees to be apart of a larger cause. Employees are increasingly as concerned with “deeper emotional resonances” than they are with monetary rewards as the economy and environment continues to pose real concerns for the future. A Net Impact survey polled students; 45% said that they would take a 15% pay cut in order to work for an organization that made a social or environmental impact. How do companies respond to this and allow their employees to have a higher level of engagement? Read the article.

2. Practicing Deep Sustainability: Cabot Creamery & Context Based Sustainability Metrics

This article from CSRWire begs the question, how can sustainability be measured? What yardstick is being used? Just because a company claims in their reports that they have cut their use of resources by 30%, does that mean this initiative is more sustainable? Or were they simply just using more resources than they were entitled to in past years? This article suggests an approach known as “context based sustainability.” It is a form of sustainability that “explicitly takes local content into account when attempting to measure, manage or report the sustainability performance of an organization.” Could this approach change the landscape of sustainability for the future? Read the article.

3. Get your employee volunteering- it’s good for business

This article from LondonLovesBusiness is from the perspective of Arvinder Mangat, company secretary at a business insurance brokerage firm, whose experience with employee volunteering programs has proven that its not only good for CSR efforts– its good for growth and creativity of their workforce. He writes, “We have found that this volunteering has given our employees perspective on their own working lives and that they are calmer and better able to cope with problems in the workplace.” The company has seen huge benefits since launching the employee volunteerism program a year ago, finding that the program is helping to improve interpersonal and managerial skills as well. Read the article.

4. Exploring the Convergence of Cause Marketing & CSR

This webinar from VolunteerMatch discusses the difference between cause marketing and CSR. Specifically, how the two terms are distinctly different, what each terms means today and how they are applied within the context of an organization. The webinar features accomplished guest speakers including, Dave Stangis, Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility for Campbell Soup Company. Insights shared include latest research in the field, as well as the speakers’ experience in helping to bring social good to some of the world’s top companies. View the webinar.