Q1 2012 green trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to Corporate Social Responsibility published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

Lessons Learned in Promoting CSR
There’s no better way to gain insight into a field as widely practiced, and scrutinized, as CSR than by asking the key executives in charge of such corporate programs. This article from Corporate Responsibility Magazine lists the lessons learned from experts in the field. What is the best way to promote CSR achievements in order to maximize impact for the company? Being candid and straight-forward, as well as keeping track of progress made are just a few of the critical points mentioned in this informative and well-researched list. Read the list.

Transforming Lives is Good for Business
This article from Forbes’ CSR Blog, written as a result of an earlier piece regarding responsible practices for mining companies, discusses the ways in which CSR can evolve to have greater business and social impact. The ideas explained in this list are relevant for all CSR programs, stressing the importance of social change, not always putting the business side first, planning and implementing effective strategic approaches, and evaluating the outcome are some of the ways companies can be more responsible when it comes to CSR efforts. Companies must make sure their programs are not only executed, but that they actually do make a difference. Read the article.

Building a Flexible- and Sustainable- Volunteer Engagement Program
It’s one thing for a company to implement a certain employee volunteer program—it’s another for the program to have any staying power among employees, and respective charities, in order to create any significant and long-lasting effects. This webinar from VolunteerMatch.com answers questions from participants including, what elements and tactics does a company need to integrate in order to have a sustainable and successful CSR program? Speakers include CSR experts from various well-known companies, who discuss their tactics for effective programming. Constantly innovating, paying attention to current events, listening to employees needs, motivating them on a personal level, and developing a clear goal are a few of the ideas discussed in this hour long webinar, full of unique insights from experts who have been engaging in CSR efforts for years. Listen to the webinar.

A Marketer’s Perspective on CSR
This short article and accompanying video highlight the efforts of BT Global Services, a company that provides managed networked IT services for business and government organizations. The interview covers their involvement in helping companies like P&G, Unilever, Philips, etc. utilize BT’s global infrastructure as a way of connecting not only their business efforts, but also their CSR efforts. In our increasingly digital age, today’s global economy depends on high-performance networking. BT Global has the reach and ability to transform the way companies do business by unifying communications digitally on a global level. Neil Blakesley is interviewed on behalf of BT Global, he explains, “With our presence around the world we can help our customers get set up in developing economies where they can provide jobs, products, and services to help build economies.” CSR is about more than just community involvement, it’s about helping corporations ‘deliver business missions that help society and the environment.’ With companies like BT Global in play, perhaps the global reach companies require to make large scale changes on a corporate level can also be applied on a social level. It’s just a matter of having the resources to enter a country’s infrastructure and improve it as it aligns with a corporate goal. As a result, companies can do social good and further promote core priorities. Read the article.