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The tsunami of information and opinion on customer experience (CX) can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a short list of some of the articles we think offer valuable viewpoints and actionable insight.

The Future of the Customer Experience

This Harvard Business Review webinar looks at top CX trends and predictions, including changing customer expectations, continuing focus on CX efficiency, and the role that artificial intelligence will play in enhancing CX. View the webinar.

How to Design a Customer Experience Strategy

A good starting point for understanding and implementing CX, this article by a senior content strategist at Hubspot offers a step-by-step guide with concrete examples. Read the article.

Embracing the Evolution Toward the Experience of Things

This must-read article comes from the father of UX, Peter Eckert. In it, Eckert argues that, in our increasingly connected world with ever-advancing, smarter technology, user experience is customer experience. In fact, he believes the term ‘user experience’ should just be ‘experience.’ Read the article.

The Secret to Delighting Customers: Putting Employees First

In this report, McKinsey examines why (and how) transforming the customer experience requires a methodical approach to understanding and engaging employees. This is critical for B2B brands, where employees are often the most powerful external communication channel. Read the article.

Get Real Feedback From Your B2B Customers

You can’t improve CX without truly understanding what your customers want. Bain & Company has developed a proprietary methodology for getting solid feedback from customers. Their insights about this process are worth looking at. Read the article.

From Customer Experience to Client Experience

Customer experience. The phrase has become ubiquitous in branding and marketing circles. In the B2C world, its relevance is obvious: delight your customers at every “touchpoint,” whether on your website, in a retail environment, on the phone, or when they’re using your product or service.

But what does customer experience mean in the B2B…

Human-Centered Branding and B2B Customer Obsession

Today is the age of the customer, where power has shifted from companies to customers and organizations everywhere are rethinking the way they interact with customers to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth. CMOs and marketing leaders are at the helm of this change, charged with adopting more customer-oriented way of operating in order to…

Great Expectations: Why Customer Experience Should be Brand-Driven, Not Technology-Driven

It’s a topic on the mind of every B2B marketer these days: customer experience, that elusive moving target. Specifically, how to meet customer expectations when, as a brand, you are competing against every (predominantly digital) interaction your customers have ever had.

For many B2B marketers, keeping up with customers, not competitors, has become their…