fading tagline

It’s increasingly common for a brand to go tagline-less, especially in B2B, where standing out among competitors that seemingly offer the same product or service requires a nuanced brand identity that often can’t be summed up in a single catchphrase. Think about it: Perhaps a tagline can sell a sneaker, but will it help land a $1 million account?

In a recent Forbes article, Howard Breindel looks at the role of taglines in B2B branding, and offers a new way to think about their value.

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Got the Message? Creating Consistency in Professional Services Branding

While a comprehensive verbal and visual system forms the foundation of a brand, it’s only the beginning of executing an effective branding strategy. To be successful, a brand needs to be expressed consistently across all internal and external touchpoints. Consistency is critical to establish a well-defined brand and eliminate confusion in the marketplace…

B2B Brand Voice in the Age of the Emoji

Exclamation points. Trending lingo. Emoji. When it comes to B2B brand voice, these may not be the first things that come to mind, but with the explosion of digital content and the increasing importance of social media in the B2B buying cycle, that’s rapidly changing. Many B2B companies are beginning to sound more and…