Fonts Matter

An open letter to four powerful tech giants.

Dear Google, Apple, Adobe and Microsoft,

You may not know me, but I was created with great care and purpose. Every image, hue and letter. I am special. I have meaning.

I live in hearts and minds, in words and actions, in websites and ad campaigns and brochures. But mostly frequently, I live in Word and PPT and Outlook.

I am a brand. It doesn’t matter which one. I speak for all brands today.

We are tired of being forgotten. We are sick of being forced into Arial. So much of our potential goes unrealized.

Many of us were designed with a considerable and well-considered kit of parts, yet we appear in written word more than any other element, asset or graphic. Typography is often the singular tool we have for communicating who we are.

But in a world dominated by Microsoft Office, we are stripped of even this most basic form of self-expression.

I write you today with a simple request. Let me be myself. Stop forcing me into fonts that hold no meaning for me or anyone else.

With the OpenType Font Variations collaboration well underway, the time to act is now. Variable fonts are not enough. My wish is that this new alliance brings forth a big, beautiful, standardized collection of fonts that are accessible to all users in all platforms – from web and operation system, to professional design apps and of course, that suite of all suites, Office.

Imagine this. More people using more of your products more often. And actually enjoying it. That could happen. But it’s up to you. All of you.

If you take away nothing else from my letter, please remember this: fonts matter.

Stop forcing blandness on the world.

Brands Everywhere

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