attention in comment bubble

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about AT&T’s D.C. advertising campaign aimed at convincing regulators and lawmakers of the merits of the proposed T-Mobile USA takeover. The ads focus on how merging the two companies will result in better wireless service (the original selling point for the deal).

The article sheds light on an often-overlooked constituency for high profile organizations: policymakers and regulators. Recently, we helped a client in a highly regulated business adapt its corporate ad program to target this DC audience. The goal wasn’t to create a new ad campaign but to amplify their existing message, showing policymakers how the company was benefiting the economy as well as small businesses.

Many large companies in highly regulated industries invest in lobbyists, lawyers, and PR firms to communicate in Washington. Too often, though, they forget about the power of branding and advertising.

Are you considering how your brand can be heard in Washington?