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Once a year, TEDMED hosts a conference where innovators and fresh thinkers from all over the globe come together to discuss the future of health care and medicine. We are pleased to share that Rebecca Onie, Co-founder and CEO of Health Leads, will be hosting a panel at the conference this year, which will be held in Washington, D.C. from April 10-13. Health Leads, formerly known as Project Health, is an organization that has set out to change the lives of low-income families by addressing the non-medical factors that influence health. As a result, these families can lead healthier and more sustainable lives. By enlisting the help of college-aged volunteers, Health Leads has been able to change hundreds of lives.

We had the pleasure of working with the organization directly when they were looking to expand nationally. Together, we helped them to re-build their brand around one critical mission: connecting patients to the basic resources they need to be healthy. Last year we produced a documentary short, An Innovative Prescription for Better Health, which highlights the valuable contributions Health Leads has made to the world of health care.

Read more about the insights Ms. Onie will share during her panel entitled, “Can We Rewrite the DNA of the Healthcare System?”