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In collaborating closely with our clients – marketing leaders across a range of industries – we have been struck by how much they have in common beyond their shared focus on building and maximizing their brands. Whether it’s making headway in specific functional areas such as lead-generation or digital engagement, influencing corporate strategy, or getting the most out of their teams, the marketers we work with tend to have similar goals – and face similar challenges as they strive to move ahead.

With rising expectations and increasing pressure to do more with less, marketers today have more to contend with than ever before. This is all the more true for our B2B clients, who, in many cases, must adapt their way of working to take full advantage of the ongoing consumerization of the B2B space.

So we had an idea: Why not bring these successful, motivated marketers together so they can benefit from the one another’s experience, knowledge, and insights?

When we brought this idea to our clients, they expressed enthusiasm for the concept far beyond what we were expecting, and their feedback and input helped us build on our initial thinking to align it more closely to their needs. In our conversations, it became immediately clear that there was a strong interest in having a means of developing worthwhile connections with fellow B2B marketers who could both help them and push them further as they seek to make strides in their companies and in their careers. We heard again and again that while they view their peers to be the single most valuable source of information and inspiration, in the B2B world, opportunities to develop meaningful, lasting relationships with fellow marketers – especially those in other industries – are all too rare. Many said that although they participate in peer groups and peer-oriented events, they often find them too be too large or too anonymous to be conductive to relationship development.

And thus was born Huddle: an intimate community of B2B marketing leaders who come together to connect, collaborate, and learn with peers representing a range of different industries and perspectives. Everything is designed to create an open and honest environment of sharing and collaboration where they can find solutions to their most pressing issues, empower others with their stories of success, and create those invaluable connections that they cannot get anywhere else.

The thinking is that together, we can all go further – in our organizations, in our careers, and in our lives.

Huddle is invitation-only. For more information, you may reach out to