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Today is the age of the customer, where power has shifted from companies to customers and organizations everywhere are rethinking the way they interact with customers to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth. CMOs and marketing leaders are at the helm of this change, charged with adopting more customer-oriented way of operating in order to capture the hearts and minds of an increasingly demanding customer base.

This requires moving beyond simply articulating what their brands stand for to living those brands through the experiences they provide. It also means taking an increasingly personalized and insights-driven approach to each and every interaction in order to establish a deeper emotional connection with the audiences that count.

To do this effectively, marketing leaders must embrace – and spearhead – a fundamentally different operating model, one in which the entire organization is united around a customer-obsessed, human-centered brand. When executed well, operations that integrate the principles of customer obsession will enable the fast, effective delivery of powerful customer experiences that fuel growth.

We will explore these topics in detail at our launch of Huddle, a small community of B2B marketing leaders who come together to connect, collaborate, and learn. For the event, we’ll be joined by members of Forrester’s research team, who will share some of their latest CMO research to inform and guide our discussion.

The Huddle kick-off event is taking place November 8 and 9 in New York City and is invitation-only. For more information about the event or about Huddle, you may reach out to huddle@desantisbreindel.com.