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For professional services marketers, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for building brand visibility among prospects and recruits, and sharing knowledge with peers. In particular, the plethora of public “groups” provide a valuable tool for connecting with key audiences and sharing new ideas and insights.

We’ve aggregated a list of groups that we think all professional services marketers can benefit from participating in. Check out the groups below, all related to improving professional services marketing efforts and tactics:

Society for Marketing Professional Services
Marketing to Professional Services

Professional Services Marketing Group

Marketing the Law Firm

Association for Accounting Marketing

Content Marketing Group

B2B Marketing Group

B2B Social Media Group

BtoB Magazine Group

Joining these groups is just the beginning. Below, we’ve included a best practices checklist for building your LinkedIn presence.

  • Join groups related to your expertise and product or service offering, start discussions, answer questions and actively engage in group conversations to increase your ability to be found by prospects
  • Add your company website URL, blog URL, and Twitter feed to your profile

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