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Last month, LinkedIn replaced company Products and Services pages with Showcase pages. So what’s different? As extensions of the main Company Page, Showcase pages allow firms to highlight their areas of expertise, as well as provide a platform for sub-brands and business units. It’s a feed of its own that users can follow and interact with: each page delivers messaging and content to distinct audiences.

For example, Cisco has a total of eleven Showcase pages, across a variety of business units, such as Cisco Security and Cisco Enterprise Networks, but also knowledge bases and communities, such as Cisco Networking Academy and Cisco Business Insights. These pages work just like Company pages, with their own logos and descriptions, but content shared is more specific and focused. Take a look at Cisco’s Enterprise Networks page, for example, which shares stories of how their IT capabilities power the world.

Showcase pages allow companies to connect with audience segments in a more customized way by delivering information most relevant to those followers.

In the new digital economy, you can no longer control where prospects reach you, or from what device. If your company’s website is the hub of your brand’s digital experience, then social media channels play a supporting, though crucial, role. In particular, LinkedIn is an effective platform for B2B brands: by engaging in discussions and sharing thought leadership, your company can participate in a valuable exchange of information with customers, prospects, employees and recruits. So now with LinkedIn’s new Showcase pages, companies can create streams of information that are focused on key audiences, products, or areas of expertise.

We launched our own Showcase pages recently, highlighting content relevant to four areas in which we have particularly deep expertise: financial services, professional services, technology, and CSR. Each page shares thought leadership and ideas particular to that discipline, so followers are getting only the information that is of interest to them.

All Products and Services pages have been removed – so it’s important to update your Company page by adding new Showcase pages if you haven’t already done so. Learn more about Showcase Pages and how to create them here.