Opportunities for B2B Technology Marketers on LinkedIn

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For B2B technology marketers, social media is not only an effective marketing channel, its essential to establishing a firm place for your company in the digital landscape, as well as staying in touch with industry trends. While all companies should be engaging with social media, technology marketers should consider the digital space first, as it is a truly appropriate and valuable way for firms to establish their niche and appeal to new prospects. This is particularly true of LinkedIn, and creating a place on this platform can help technology marketers build their brand as well as make their company more visible by participating in groups related to the technology sector, therefore helping to build connections.

We’ve aggregated a list of groups that we think all technology marketers can benefit from participating in. Check out the groups below, all related to improving technology marketing efforts and tactics:

B2B Technology Marketing Community
B2B Technology Marketing “Thought Leadership”

B2B Technology Lead Generation and Sales Roundtable

B2B Technology Lists Group

Branding in Industry

Social Media Marketing

Tech Marketing Best Practices

BtoB Magazine

Speaking in Tech

Joining these groups is just the beginning. Below, we’ve included a best practices checklist for building your LinkedIn presence.

  • Join groups related to your expertise and product or service offering, start discussions, answer questions and actively engage in group conversations to increase your ability to be found by prospects
  • Add your company website URL, blog URL, and Twitter feed to your profile
  • Include your LinkedIn address in your email signature
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