push pin

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But it seems the newly viral online bulletin board site Pinterest, has brought new meaning to this idiom as more and more businesses are adopting the online forum as a way of categorizing, labeling, and presenting images as they relate to their brand and culture. We have been swept away ourselves by the power of Pinterest, creating our own account and various boards as they relate to our ideas as spectators and participants in the world of B2B branding, marketing and design.

Pinterest allows users to create ‘boards,’ where they can re-pin, comment, and ‘like’ various images, thus creating an environment where images act as doorways to the greater digital universe. This is what sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms as a way of driving traffic to your site. As our culture becomes more and more image based, images are becoming our content.

How can businesses use this strategy to their advantage? Pinterest allows companies to brand themselves in a visual way, putting the firm’s ideology, creativity and thought leadership at the forefront. For example, your company could create a board highlighting employee’s favorite ad campaigns over the last decade, or their favorite places to eat near the office. Then, you can simultaneously present the images that make your company great, perhaps a board showing off ads from your latest campaign or the many uses for a product you’re trying to sell. The point is, the possibilities are endless — so long as you are sharing the images of others, promoting your own along the way is entirely acceptable. Pinterest allows companies to be completely subjective: here’s what we like. What you find thought provoking and worthy of sharing, others will too, thus driving traffic to the websites that matter most to you.

And if this still doesn’t convince you perhaps a stat like this will: “Pinterest is driving more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined.” It seems we can safely say that Pinterest is the next big thing in social media marketing.

Want some more inspiration? Here are a few companies that are doing a great job on Pinterest:
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