red rubber ball

Last week we had the privilege of participating in the 4th Annual Playworks Greater Newark/Great New York Corporate Kickball Tournament, a wonderful event that offers local businesses the chance to give back to their community while enjoying a few hours of fun in the sun, bonding with coworkers and, of course, kickball.

This is the second year we have made the trip to downtown Newark to support the organization we have come to admire greatly. Playworks is a proven and scalable model aimed at increasing physical activity in low-income schools. We had the pleasure of working with this inspiring nonprofit when they were looking to expand nationally and needed a brand that could support their incredible growth.

Apart from being a fantastic opportunity to take part in a CSR activity that supports an organization so near and dear to our hearts, the event helps raise valuable resources for the Greater Newark and Greater New York chapters of Playworks, which collectively provide safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity for over 7,300 children in Newark and New York schools.


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