Q3 2012 gold trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to professional services branding and marketing published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

1.How Law Firms Will Use Video in the Coming Year

We’ve talked about the power of video for online marketing purposes before, and it seems that this post from JDSupra.com is encouraging the same tactic for law firms looking to successfully attract new prospects, and highlight their knowledge and expertise. The post includes an interview from LXBN TV with Bloomberg Law Multimedia Editor, Edward Adams. Adams says of the growing trend, “Law firm videos should focus on results above all else…showing clients describing the challenges they faced and how their lawyers helped them overcome those challenges will demonstrate that like nothing else can.” Watch the video below to learn more insights.

2. The Top 10 People in Accounting 2012

This article from Accounting Today ranks the top 10 most influential people in accounting for 2012. Accounting Today surveyed 113 candidates, asking them to name an accountant they find to be most influential in the field, based on the industry as it is today, and who will be most effective in making change for the future. Surveys such as this allow marketers to see not only whose influencing the the industry, but also in what way, and what this means for the fate of industry. For example, candidate number 9 is the next President, Romney or Obama. Candidates surveyed said of the choice, “Regardless of who wins, our candidates for the Top 100 expect the next president to have significant and long-lasting affect on, among other things, tax policy.” View the slideshow here.

3. Drowning in Data: Uncovering the Analytics Advantage

Everyone, the professional services industry included, should be jumping on the content marketing bandwagon. However, a larger question that is plaguing the industry is what do we make of the endless analytics and data that comes as a result of posting and sharing content? How can this data be used to improve content marketing efforts? This webinar from Consulting Mag includes interviews with experts, such as the Content Management Leader from IBM Global Business Services, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Consulting Magazine, among others. Listen to the webinar here.

4. Tools and Strategies to Keep the Social Media Monster at Bay

This post from JDSupra.com shares an article originally published on Bloomberg Law. The article offers some concrete tools and strategies for professionals who are looking to take a more active role in social media to increase ROI, create better business connections, etc. Best practices include having a set goal, finding a new position, planning strategic campaigns, among others. Read the full article here to learn all the tips and tools.