Spreading Impact: How Goldman Sachs Builds Awareness of its Citizenship Program

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Detroit is a city rife with possibilities and the drive to pursue them. The city, though, has a gaping problem: its economy makes it difficult for businesses to thrive. So Goldman Sachs is taking their 10,000 Small Businesses initiative to the recovering city, as MSNBC’s Morning Joe explored in a segment featuring Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Valerie Jarrett, and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein.

As Lloyd Blankfein explained on the Morning Joe segment, all over America “very entrepreneurial people are just on the tipping point of success” so “a little education, a little confidence building, courses on negotiation, teaching some skills, gets them over the tipping point and unleashes a lot of energy.”

Since businesses must apply to the program, the success of this citizenship initiative is based on people knowing about it and understanding its impact. So to spread the word about the program, Goldman Sachs highlights the cause and its real-world benefits in a series of films. After all, since video is highly adaptable and shareable, it can be a very cost-effective, engaging, and persuasive method of gaining support and participation.

Especially as online video consumption rises, a well-crafted CSR story such as Goldman Sachs’ has the potential to reach a wider audience than ever – employees, recruits, policymakers, customers or community members. Read more about enriching CSR stories with online video.

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