Q1 2012 gold trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles, reports and webinars related to B2B technology branding and marketing published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends in B2B Tech Content Marketing
This deck by the Content Marketing Institute explores the statistics behind B2B tech marketing. Turns out that only “39% of technology marketers say they are effective at content marketing” – as the digital age has been causing marketers to doubt themselves, CMI points out that “confidence rises when a technology marketer has a documented strategy.” The deck further explores data on content marketing tactics, social media use, and budgets. Take a look at the numbers here.

The Rise of the Acquihire: Breaking Down the Trends in Talent Acquisition
What’s an acquihire? As this post puts it, it’s “when a struggling company (generally but not always an early stage startup) is acquired primarily for its talent.” For example, Yahoo recently acquired a mobile marketing startup Sparq, but Yahoo will not necessarily be using Sparq’s technology: instead, their talent might be more valuable in growing Yahoo’s mobile strategy. Especially in B2B tech, as technology today evolves and changes so rapidly, it can sometimes make more sense to simply acquire talent already versed in new technology, instead of growing it over time yourself. CB Insights took a look at acquihire data from 2012 and 2013 in search of any trends. They found that the demand for mobile talent is high, although “mobile is still a relatively small portion of overall VC.” (That’s also further evidence that mobile is a rapidly growing sector.) Learn about other trends and insights about acquihires here.

Always On: Dell’s Dave Sees a New Era of Content Marketing for B2B Brands in 2014
In this interview with Rishi Dave, Executive Director of Digital Marketing in Dell’s B2B division, he discusses how marketer mentality needs to change with regard to content marketing. He says that this year, marketers “will shift their mindset from what I call a campaign mentality to an always-on mentality.” He explains that “people who do a lot of self-nurturing, they like to read a lot of deep, rich content, so Google is starting to serve deeper, richer, evergreen-type content in their search results.” Marketers must adapt their content strategies to the new media cycle, especially as social media and mobile usage continues to grow. Read the full interview here.

IT Under Pressure: McKinsey Global Survey Results
A new McKinsey survey showed that in 2013, IT priorities have shifted from previous years: managing cost was no longer as important, and most critical was “to improve business effectiveness and information availability.” McKinsey adds that “to support these priorities, many companies are spending accordingly: 64 percent of executives say their budgets for new investments will increase next year, up from 55 percent who said so in 2012.” Interestingly, although IT’s strategic importance in business is becoming more and more apparent, “dissatisfaction with its effectiveness” is also growing. Read the rest of McKinsey’s findings here.